"There's never best, there's always better"

Personal Attention

For the past three years established trainers who wanted to make their business more lucrative, not only as far as revenue, but more importantly to be able to take better care of their clients, traveled to Los Angeles to do “the action hero body workshop” by Jørgen de Mey.

After attending the workshop, all of the workshoppers reported increase of their clientele by as much as three fold! In addition they were able to raise their price per session and were able to train more people per hour which resulted in even more revenue!

I am inviting YOU to participate in my “Action Hero Body Workshop”.

The workshop is designed for each and every workshopper individually. It becomes your workshop tailored to your personal and business needs.

The workshop is all inclusive with a beautiful guest house in the heart of Brentwood, workout sessions one-on-one, visit to a famous movie studio, one-on-one question and answer about the nature of your business and how to add more value to it, shadowing Jørgen’s clients in different settings, leisure trips to the hollywood sign, malibu and much more ! And of course, you can bring your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, you name it and have a vacation on the side. Plenty of time, plenty to do! This trip is like no other!!! See you soon!

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