"There's never best, there's always better"

The de Mey Training System

DMTS focuses on integrating the original concept of resistance training with straightforward weightlifting and machines combined with the present findings on exercise physiology. Often clients will notice that principles of Sport Specific Training, Pilates and Yoga are valid parts of the DMTS training philosophy.

High Intensity Sets are integrated with goal oriented workouts to not only increase the physical and mental conditioning in record time, but also safe guard overall health throughout your life!

DMTS has been proven to be effective for over 25 years and continues to stand the test of time in one of the most competitive and educated fitness client markets in the world, Los Angeles. From the age of 7 til well beyond 80, the system has been successful on many levels (references upon request).

Action Hero Body

In my book, the Action Hero Body, I will explain how to maximize the results from intense training, proper nutrition and a happy and healthy life style. This is a simplified version of what I do with clients on a one-on-one basis and is clearly explained in few easy to understand steps, where nutrition and training are the core topics. A “must” read!

By popular demand from people all over the world, I have started my Action Hero Body Project by SKYPE! Now I will be able get you in shape and help you to understand the meaning of proper training and eating! Email me for more details! It's awesome to have your own world-class personal trainer right at your home or gym!!!

For even more personal attention, go to the "Personal Attention" page and find out everything about the "Action Hero Body Workshops" in Los Angeles, the mecca of Fitness and Personal Training!