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Buzz Regarding the "DEMEY TRAINING SYSTEM"

"He's an awesome trainer! The way he fine-tunes a body is a thing of beauty. When Jørgen's clients are on his program they look HOT! And the biggest testament to that is that they all keep coming back for more."

- supermodel Cindy Crawford -
"When I'm working with a new actor for a project, my first call is to get them set up with Jørgen de Mey."

- producer Jerry Bruckheimer -

What I do

Welcome to the world of personal strength, power, health and fitness. The "DEMEY TRAINING SYSTEM" is designed to get you anywhere from being fit-for-life to reaching your maximum athletic ability. 

This unique way of training consists of a perfectly sequenced pattern of exercises. The workouts are fun, invigorating and challenging. 

Angel de Mey and I are the creators of this system. We have been carrying out the principles for more than 20 years and helped people of all walks of life to loose weight, regain health and reach their best physical and mental condition possible while having fun in the process!

All the workouts are designed in accordance to each person's needs, from heavy duty powerlifting to sport specifics and from superset-like workouts for the fitness fanatic to full-on circuit training with intervals for those who want to leave everything on the gym floor to get in great shape!

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